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Spotlight: Deputy Tempe Crabtree Mystery Series by Marilyn Meredith

With the recent release of eighth book in Marilyn Meredith's Deputy Tempe Crabtree series we are going to spotlight all eight books today, starting from the most recent release, Kindred Spirits and working down.

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits is about a troubled marriage, a husband who planned the "perfect" murder, a murder victim whose spirit won’t rest until the murderer’s identity is revealed, the genocide of the Tolowa nation, and two dangerous trips for Deputy Tempe Crabtree as she searches for answers.

Judgment Fire

A shaman warns Deputy Tempe Crabtree her life is in danger. The death of a battered wife leads Tempe to participate in a Native American starlight ceremony that brings back hidden memories of her painful high school days. She attempts to help the delinquent son of the murdered woman, is threatened by his step-father--the primary murder suspect, deals with a man who may be mentally ill, and renews acquaintances with not such good friends from her younger years. A second fire brings judgment to the guilty party.

Calling the Dead

In Calling the Dead, Native American Deputy Tempe Crabtree puts her job in jeopardy by investigating two suspicious deaths without permission from her superiors. She jeopardizes her marriage to the local minister by using Native American ways to call back the dead in order to solve a mystery.


A hidden marijuana farm and the murder of a long lost granddaughter keep Tempe busy, while her husband has troubles of his own--when the description of a man who exposes himself to school children sounds just like Hutch.


Tempe and Hutch escape to a mountain lodge for a longed for second honeymoon. Instead they find themselves surrounded by a disgruntled group of Hollywood has-beens. A murderer takes advantage of a white-out storm that takes out the electricity and phone service.Tempe shifts into official mode to investigate the murder. Will she be able to discover who the killer is without becoming a victim herself?

Unequally Yoked

The search for a missing child takes Tempe Crabtree on a quest for a murderer, which includes participation in a Yanduchi ceremonial and a dilemma in her relationship with her husband.

Deadly Omen

Tempe Crabtree, part Yanduchi, is the resident deputy of a small community called Bear Creek. Recently married to a Christian minister, raising a teenage son, Tempe is in the process of learning about her own heritage. Assigned to keep peace at a native American Pow Wow Tempe discovers the body of a young woman who was a candidate for princess. Tempe finds herself drawn into the investigation in spite of clear warnings from the male detectives to stay out of the case.

Deadly Trail

The tranquility of the Bear Creek in the southern Sierra is disrupted by the suspicious death of the owner of the local Inn. Investigating a murder case isn’t Deputy Tempe Crabtree’s job, but when the detectives don’t look any further than Nick Two John as the primary suspect, Tempe begins asking questions.

Putting the planning of her wedding to Pastor Hutch Hutchinson on hold, it doesn’t take long for her to discover there are several more people who wanted the victim dead, including his wife. Tempe follows the trail of clues, putting her job, her upcoming marriage, and herself in peril.

About Deputy Tempe Crabtree: Native American, Tempe Crabtree is the resident deputy of the area surrounding Bear Creek, a small mountain community which includes the Bear Creek Indian Reservation. She has a son, Blair, by her first husband who was killed in the line of duty as a California Highway Patrolman.

Her second husband, Hutch Hutchinson, is the pastor of the community church.

Hutch and Tempe have a good marriage though he worries about the dangers of her job and the threat to her soul when she uses Native American spiritualism to find out the answers in difficult cases.

Bear Creek is similar to where Marilyn lives in the Southern Sierra. Bear Creek Indian Reservation bears a striking resemblance to the reservation nearby. However, Marilyn always reminds people she is writing fiction.

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