Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Review: Killer Career by Morgan Mandel

An intriguing and suspenseful mystery awaits readers in KILLER CAREER by Morgan Mandel.

Julie McGuire and Dade Donovan are like brother and sister. Together Dade and Julie have built a succesful law practice and business is booming. But in order to build up their practice, Julie had to push aside her dream of becoming a writer.

When Julie attends the Love to Murder Mystery Conference, she comes face-to-face with New York Times Bestselling Author Tyler Jensen. He's handsome and sexy, and manages to push all Julie's buttons. So when Julie gets the chance to partake in a workshop run by Tyler, she decides to go for it. But Julie gets more than she bargained for. Tyler isn't only interested in her writing ability.

Convinced that she can't be dedicated to the practice and her writing, Julie decides to leave her law career. Dade isn't too thrilled about finding a new partner, especially when he's convinced that he and Julie should never have agreed to remain just friends when they started their practice; and Tyler is fairly certain that Dade is standing in the way of him being able to get all he wants from Julie. How far will Tyler go to get his way?

Once in a while you find a book that forces you to steal moments away from work, the kids and all your other responsibilities just so you can sit down and read it. Killer Career is that book. From the very first word, Mandel draws you in and you never want to push this book aside. So captivated are you by Julie and Dade's story that you just have to keep plugging away, even though the dryer buzzed an hour ago and your clothes are probably a wrinkled mess. It's not a totally new type of story, but it's unique in the fact that you're not quite sure exactly what is going on with Tyler Jensen until the very end.

There is so much conflict that moves this story forward. Never once did Mandel slow the pace, it just kept coming at you. Julie and Dade are fighting their feelings for each other--without the other person knowing--and Tyler is pushing for more of a relationship with Julie and she's not sure what to do. Julie's also conflicted over her career choice. She's a darn good lawyer. Can she give that up to follow her dream? And there's so much more going on that I can't share or I would risk giving up something good.

If you like romantic suspense novels, you have to get your hands on a copy of Killer Career by Morgan Mandel. I eagerly await this talented author's next release!

Title: Killer Career
Author: Morgan Mandel
Publisher: Choice One Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9819916-0-3
SRP: $13.95 (U.S.)

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